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Our Mission

Raynbo Development is a education and business strategy consulting firm that provides leadership and professional development workshops, grants facilitation and procurement services to businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.

Core Services

Transformative Leadership.  Impactful Solutions.  Reimagine Your Business.


Focused on your Business

Transformative Leadership

Raynbo Development specializes in creating lasting change within organizations through inspiring and motivating collaboration towards a shared vision. We empower individuals to develop leadership skills and prioritize open communication, respect, and inclusivity. Transformative leadership positively impacts employee engagement, job satisfaction, and organizational performance, particularly in resistant or changing organizations.

Professional Development

Raynbo Development offers ongoing professional development services, including coaching, consulting, online and in-person courses, workshops, webinars, and seminars. These services help individuals, teams, and organizations stay current with industry trends, expand their skillset, and network. Quality professional development improves employee retention, job satisfaction, and organizational effectiveness.

Procurement Services

Raynbo Development consultants provide valuable support to organizations in identifying needs, researching suppliers, negotiating contracts, and managing goods or service delivery and payment. Procurement services are essential for operational efficiency and outsourcing to experts can result in cost savings and legal compliance. Raynbo Development prioritizes standards, processes, procedures, and consistency.

Grants Facilitation

Raynbo Development specializes in federal procurement training, covering project planning, spending, contract and vendor management, compliance, cost analysis, estimating, and financial reporting. Our consultants understand grant-spending processes and can improve bid/proposal quality. Working with Raynbo Development increases chances of exceeding grant expectations and successful project implementation for individuals and public/private sector organizations.

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Build a flexible strategy with Raynbo Development that scales your business and supports efforts exceeding expectations.  It’s custom.  It’s creative.  It’s consulting.  Fill out the form below today to get more information, and start your journey.

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"As CFO, I had the opportunity to work with Barbara for more than fifteen years.  She is blessed with the ability to lead up, down and sideways.  In situations where the answer to a request was 'no', she also understood the need to get to 'yes'.

Barbara keeps the listeners attention through the most serious or technical presentation.  She connects with individuals and groups and her audiences feel it! 


Barbara is a consummate professional who takes her work seriously.  She values inclusion and can collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds and educational levels."

K. Wilson,  CFO

"I had the honor of working with Barbara for (9) years, during my tenure as the Director of Planning and Construction at a school district.  We worked together to plan and facilitate a 600 million dollar Bond project from inception to completion (10 year bond completed in approx. 7 years with cost saving to the district of over $50M).  Her knowledge of state and federal purchasing laws to be very helpful in both the planning, bidding and spending of these bond funds.  

I highly recommend Barbara to anyone considering her services in the procurement process of either private or governmental bidding and/or spending project(s)."

T. Bell, Director of Planning and Construction

"Barbara supported my team with procuring and negotiating several contracts to mutual satisfaction.  She is an energetic top of mind thought leader.  A master teacher and trainer dedicated to supporting organizational success with excellence."

Dr. K. Jordan, Chief of School Support and Improvement

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PO Box 73260
Baton Rouge, LA 70874

(225) 441-7032

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Working With the Best... Our Certification

Louisiana Economic Development: LED
Small Business Administration (SBA) Certifications
Minority Business Enterprise – MBE Certification
Louisiana's Hudson Initiative is a certification program
Women’s Business Enterprise Certification
DOTD DBE Certification
Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract program - SBA
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program
EBR Fair Share

"Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone." - Pablo Picasso

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